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John did a great job. Took his time, lots of pictures and provided a great explanation of his findings. The Inspection Report was very well done and very comprehensive.

James C

As this was our first home inspection ever we couldn't have asked for a better home inspector! John was made the process easy and funny but remained professional the entire time. We will use him again and recommend him to others as well! Thank you!

Scott D

Excellent job! Everything was explained thoroughly!

Rodjane B

Hello John, Thanks, I feel that you did an excellent job in inspecting our home.. You really don't need to change you approach at all. You let my husband and I know your personal as well as your professional opinion on the things you had listed for repair.... what you felt were most important , and even what wasn't. Thanks again... if I run across anyone who needs your professional services Ill be sure to recommend you.

Vience B

Thank You John for the thorough inspection, I'm a first time home buyer and it helped me in negotiating a fair price for the property, the seller is willing to take care of everything on the list. I would highly recommend you and your company... again Thank You.

Deborah A

John has great people skills and customer service. He was nice, helpful, punctual and professional. He explained in depth but also in terms that I could understand. Will definitely use him again in the future. Thanks for letting me use your tape measure!

Paulina S

This man needs his own show! Great job!

Myer K

John did an amazing job and I most definitely will recommend him to other people. Thanks again.

Donald S

ohn was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. We felt we received an excellent report and was comfortable that nothing was missed. John is very easy to talk to and had reasonable recommendations. We will contract with him again, if the need arrises.

Christopher O

Very professional and thorough Thank you !!!

Vickie D

It was great meeting and working with you. I appreciate you explaining everything in detail. You will be my first call for future home inspections.

Kathy R

Mr. Keffer was extremely thourough and professional. He took time to answer questions in simple terms and provided explanations.

Darren A

Always a awesome Job....Thank John. Highly skilled and very knowledgeable

Jai B

ohn was very thorough with the home inspection. He had no problems answering our questions and took the time to walk us through what he saw and each picture he took. He also was helpful in the fact he explained what he considered the big ticket items on the list but gave the same attention to the smaller items. He had very useful knowledge of the systems of the house and took the time to explain what was required to fix a lot of the issues he found. If this house does not work out, we will definitely use John as our inspector on the next one!

Sean D

Very personal and makes clients feel better about the home they are trying to purchase.

Raymond V

John Keffer is the perfect example of a professional thorough inspector and professional. I have no reservations about recommending him to fellow agents. Need a quality inspector to get the job right and educate your buyers and sellers? Call John.

Chase T

Thank you for your very thourough work and great personality/professionalism! You explained the inspection process and results very clearly and appreciate it. Very well done! Thank you.

Melinda R

Thank you John. You were very helpful to my husband and myself. Really appreciated the time you took to explain everything to us.

Debbie B

Mr. Keffer was very kind and professional. He was very informative.

Ciera N

John was wonderful! He was friendly, professional, and thorough with the inspection of the home. He took the time to explain his findings, and he was available to do the inspection on short notice.

Virginia V

John did an amazing job! He was very thorough and explained everything very clearly. I would highly recommend him.

Benjamin R

John is very professional and his report was very easy to understand. This being our first home purchase, I don't know too much about electrical outlets, plumbing, etc. He explained it all perfectly. I recommend him!

Maria V

Great job. Easy to approach.

Eric B

Awesome, honest and to the point. Thorough and knowledgeable. Couldn't ask for anything else.

Nathan W

Thanks a big bunch John! Fast and thoroughly inspected was your service. Completely satisfied!

Jeff R

John did a great job with my home inspection. His report was very detailed and documented the issues discovered during the home inspection. It was a useful tool in supporting the repairs I requested from the seller. I will definitely use him again when purchasing my next home.

Carol J

John was great! He went above & beyond for me to inspect my very first home. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of an inspection.

Tara B

Very pleased with his inspection. Touched on several issues that would very well have been overlooked by someone with little or no experience with home inspections. Provided very detailed information. Comments were very helpful. Thanks for the very timely service.

Barbara C